The Transition Statement Tool Is Here!

Professional Transition to School Statements at the touch of a button!

Do you work with children the year before they go to school?

Do you spend too many hours writing Transitions Statements?

Would you prefer to spend this time WITH children, rather than at your desk (or worse, at home on the weekends?)

The Transition Statement Tool has been designed and developed 

  •  BY Early Childhood professionals 
  •  FOR Early Childhood professionals 

to give you back time to spend with children - where you should be! 

 Say "hello" to your new best friend!

Hear from Emma & Gena, our teachers that are the brain child of the Tool - they had a business problem that needed solving, connected with Astute Early Years Specialists and voila! The Transition Statement Tool was born....

Buy Now For Only $110 + GST!

How does the Transition Statement Tool work? 

With the Transition Statement Tool, you can now produce high-quality, professional Transition Statements for your entire class - quickly and efficently!  

The Transition Statement Tool automatically personalises each statement with the child’s name and incorporates gender specific statements to speed up the process. You can even edit, add to or change the statements provided!  

Best of all, it's as easy as entering the child's details, browsing our pre-existing statements and clicking on the relevant descriptors for the child. Click 'submit' and Ta-dah! You have produced a professional, personalised PDF Transition Statement for you to email or print out!  

You can play the video below to see it in action.

Why you will LOVE the Transition Statement Tool

  • Gives you back time!
  • Automated & Fast
  • Quality content = Quality Statements!
  • Upload individual child photos
  • Child-centrede
  • Confidential - you decide who receives the Statements
  • Personalise for each child
  • He/she statements load automatically
  • Membership from July to June
  • Children moving services mid term?
  • Annual membership allows you to create Transition Statements for their new teachers! 

  • Personalise with your Service logo
  • Teacher name loads automatically
  • Customisable
  • Captures your Service contact details
  • Teach in two services? It's not a problem!

Say goodbye to long hours spent writing Transition Statements!

In just 4 simple steps...

1. Add in your service details

Before you begin - upload your service logo and enter your service name, address and phone number into the service details portion of the portal. Remember to choose your state!

Once this is done - your details will be displayed on every page as a footer. Your logo will be appear on the top right hand corner of the Transition Statement.

If you work at two centres - just change the details! Easy peasy!

2. Add in child's name & personal details

Next, add the child's name, gender, date of birth, attendance history, program details, strengths, motivations & interests and suggestions to help the child settle into school. Remember to upload a photo of the child if you like!

Remember - your teacher details remain the same and cannot be changed.

3. Build your Statements with a few clicks!

Now the fun begins....Using your knowledge and assessment of the child, choose the learning and development descriptors that best suit the child's skills and abilities under each key area.

It's as simple as click, click, click. If you make mistake or change your mind, just click again and the descriptors will be removed.

Want to add a bit more information or personalise the statement? Go for it! Just type away into the descriptor box....

4. Click submit to produce an instant PDF!

Once you complete the statement, click SUBMIT and the PDF will be produced instantly using the child's name as the file name.

Remember! Save this PDF to your desktop or to a USB as we don't store your data at all - super private!

Once you are happy, it's time to click CLEAR and begin your next Statement.

Time from begninning to end - minutes.....only minutes!!

What else comes with my membership?

A simple & easy to understand user guide and instructional video on how to build your Transition Statements.

Access to our network of teachers in the EarlyED Academy Facebook group. 

"If there is one thing you purchase this year that will improve your quality of work life, this is it!!" 

Nellie Carter, Brisbane Community Kindergarten 

What are other Teachers saying about the Transition Statement Tool...

"I found the resource very easy to use and loved the way it collates the documents in such a professional format! After 30 + years of teaching early childhood I have loathed the increase in paperwork and consumption of time spent planning and documenting. This resource is a valuable time saver and a wonderful aid to to all Early Childhood Professionals!"

Donna Vale - Hyde Road Kindergarten

"I love the ease of using it and the thought of completing transition statements seems a little less daunting. It is very similar to how I usually write them (I have made up my own bank of comments), so it works for me. The tool will reduce time by not having to cut and paste and flip between programs."

Victoria Grundman - Peace Lutheran Kindergarten

"I love it! It's a saving grace to kindergarten teachers. It aligns with how schools report. It's easy to use and provides plenty of options to share as much information to Prep teachers and parents as possible about inividual that hopefully they make the transition to school smooth and effective for all involved."

Amy Horton, Buderim Meadows Early Learning Centre

"Thank you Astute for creating this tool! Insead of starting Term 4 shaking in my boots, I know I will be able to get the transition statements completed with ease so that I can enjoy my last weeks with my Kindy class. My family also thank you :)"

Emily Wood, Peace Lutheran Kindergarten